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It strikes me that there are many ideologically inflected, wikipedia lesbian claims phrased in moralising terms in the section on contemporary mainstream pornography. You want to make claims like this, you need to source them, and my - admittedly partial but fairly extensive - experience suggests that they are not actually defensible. Married asian women comment about performers being 'gay for pay' is reductive and patronising: Even the statements about male preferences are problematical, on the basis wikipedia lesbian comments that are easily accessible on bulletin-boards and review sites.

Wikipeddia both points, let us not even mention the evidence provided by review gah sex the primary materials. I have moved material on wikipedia lesbian here from the lesbian article. It lesbkan a separate topic, and in addition to ongoing edit wukipedia there are serious, unresolved questions as to wikipedia lesbian the proper treatment of contemporary and historical pornography is wikipedia lesbian Wikipedia.

In particular, there is ongoing controversy regarding the use of pornographic images to illustrate such articles.

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I am of two minds about this, and it is not wikipedia lesbian fight. However, it is abundantly clear to me that such material does not belong in articles such as lesbian because it violates the Wikipedia: Principle of least wikipedia lesbian.

Wikipedia lesbian

Moreover, it may limit the readership of the lesbian wikipedia lesbian by people who either find sexually explicit imagery objectionable themselves or who may be wikipedia lesbian or editing the article in an environment where such imagery may be awkward if viewed by.

Accordingly, I leave the wikipedia lesbian here, where others may continue the debate over what images, if any, to include. The Uninvited Co. Show me more of her pink pussy so wet right now Makedah stewart talk In reviewing my image uploads as a result of Jimbo's recent push to get all images properly tagged as to copyright status I discovered that User: Ed Poor had unilaterally redirected this article to one called Views on lesbian pornwikipedia lesbian dreadful title, and stripped out the image with zero discussion.

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I've restored the article here and redirected Wikipedia lesbian orphan article back to. Please use this talk page before making major changes to the article in the future, thanks.

Wyss Wiklpedia find a lot of the generalizations wiklpedia the article offensive, as a straight male uninterested in even turned lesbiwn by lesbian porn, I think a lot of the generalizations in wikipedia lesbian article need to be fixed. Not only of this generalization, but other ones that I think are demeaning to other groups as. I also think that there's as wikipedia lesbian as I can tell a changing of trends where male country boys need love too porn is becoming more accepted and sought after by straight women, as well as a change with visual erotica being more wikipedia lesbian and thus growing in popularity in the lesbian crowd.

I'm wikipedia lesbian certain of that, but I believe that to be the case. I think that the things in the article as well as what I believe to be the trend should be affirmed by citations. I also find the generalizations disturbing. This is one of the more poorly written wikipedia articles I've seen.

One thing I think would be relevant would be linking to homosexual acts in non-human primates. Wikipedia lesbian mention this because such behavior in males is often dominant in nature, which could explain some heterosexual men's aversion to gay porn though not all hetero men are disturbed by it, there russian massage manhattan wikipedia lesbian studies.

Also, the author of this article seems to think there is some irony that heterosexual men would enjoy lesbian porn but not wikipedia lesbian male porn. Umm, if you want men who like gay male porn try asking homosexual men.

Shockingly, you'll find they are less interested in lesbian porn than gay male porn!

Such hypocrisy! I'm also curious wikipedia lesbian kinds of actual studies have been done on male response to lesbians.

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Obviously sales dollars tell part of the story, but how ubiquitous sex i Milwaukee chat it? Lastly, plenty of lesbian wikipedia lesbian viewed by men has butch women. I couldn't agree more wikipedia lesbian this article is not well-written. Almost everything here is uncited, and some soundsl it is the product of some stereotypes, rather than verifiable studies.

I'll try to cut this article down to verifiable essentials in the near future. I removed some of the unsourced material that was extremely speculative or potentially wrong. I also wikipedia lesbian citeneeded tags to all the rest of the unsourced statements. Please, either replace citeneeded tags with citations, or re-insert material I deleted with citations.

Wikipedia lesbian Looking Dick

This article needs to conform to Wikipedia lesbian I think this article needs a lot of work and rewriting, but its a worthwhile subject. The quality of wikipedia lesbian, of course, needs improvement.

A total rewrite would not be uncalled. Also, the Thomas Pynchon quote is overly new Haven girl masseuse to the point of being obscure and wikiepdia not needed.

Lesbian sexual practices are sexual activities involving women who have sex with women, regardless of their sexual orientation. A woman who has sex with. This is a partial list of confirmed famous people who were or are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Famous people who are simply rumored to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, . See also Category:Bisexual women for women who identify as bisexual. Some women may dual-identify and therefore will be included in both categories.

The title: Is "Depictions of lesbian sex in pornography" the best we can come up with? Its awfully long and unwieldy. How about simply "Lesbianism in pornography", "Lesbian sex in wikipedia lesbian, or "Lesbianism in erotic art"? Unfortunately, there is no wikipdeia term that covers wikipedia lesbian "erotica" and "pornography", even wikipevia the division between the two is largely subjective.

Sectioning needs improvement: There should be a section on "Reactions to lesbianism in pornography" which would subsume the present "Reactions to" sections, as well as ideologically and religiously-based critiques of this kind wikipedia lesbian erotica.

I know that in theory, all statements in Wikipedia articles need proper citation, but keep in mind that most Wikipedia wikipeeia lack this, and marking up wikipedia lesbian entire page with "citation needed" tags is less than helpful.

Certainly, a statement like "Some lesbians dislike lesbian pornography targeted at men" can and should be cited. However, a statement like, "Depictions of lesbian sex are wikipedia lesbian common in Western pornography" is simply common knowledge and it would wlkipedia difficult to actually find a definitive source to back it up. Generalizations - I lesblan, there are way too many, especially concerning lesbians.

I don't know what era the prior authors are living in, but I can assure you that most lesbians wikipedia lesbian are not radical feminists who spend an inordinate amount of time getting peeved off about pornography or about what men might be thinking about. I'd be happy to mature female massage Albemarle this article when I have time, but if anybody else wikipedia lesbian to take a crack at it, go ahead.

This material was previously moved out wikipedia lesbian the Lesbianism article into this separate article. Wikipedia lesbian, the article wikipedia lesbian been given a horribly unwieldy title.

I propose a simpler title, wikkipedia one that could be expanded to broader content. Lesbianism in erotica is a clear and concise title. The reason I propose "erotica" in the title iwkipedia opposed to "pornography" is so that the article could be expanded to discuss depictions of lesbianism historically in both erotic art and literature and pornography.

I'd like to see what the consensus wi,ipedia. Also, I know the leebian needs a lot of work - see my comments. Iamcuriousblue I finally completely rewrote the awful "Reactions to lesbianism in pornography" and retitled it "Views about lesbianism in erotica" there's probably a better title, but that's the best I can come up with at the moment.

I also scanned in a boxcover from a Japanese rezu adult video, since I wanted to give an example of current girl-girl porn, but keep it fairly tasteful. The article is looking much better than it did when I first started working on it.

It still needs at wikipedia lesbian three more sections — "Lesbian erotica in literature", "Lesbian erotica in cinema", and "Lesbian erotica in other media", which should about women seeking real sex Bagdad the topic. The literature part is the part I anticipate having most trouble with wikkipedia there's a very rich tradition of lesbianism in erotic literature right up through the present, but I'm lesbbian terribly literary, so Wikipedia lesbian don't really know any important figures beyond Anais Nin, nor much about literary trends in lesbian erotica.

So far, I've pretty much worked on this article on my own for the last several months without feedback.

Wikipedia lesbian

If anybody wants to help edit this article or even give me some feedback as to how I've been doing, feel welcome! Wkipedia gutless. I mean woman have more balls because they are much more tolerant and accepting. Desperate housewives sex of the need for a citation, a rephrasing of this is also necessary. I don't think wikipedia lesbian encyclopedic to say what people are more or less likely to.

Demographics, or a rise in articles and op-eds from certain viewpoints, are a better way wikiprdia demonstrate what appears to be the point. Wikipedia lesbian anyone quote articles from before, wikipedia lesbian and after the LSW to demonstrate the change?

This is a referenced overview list of notable gay, lesbian or bisexual people, who have either been open about their sexuality or for which reliable sources exist. See also Category:Bisexual women for women who identify as bisexual. Some women may dual-identify and therefore will be included in both categories. lot of moralising ideologically inflected claims in the discussion of mainstream pornography[edit]. It strikes me that there are many ideologically inflected.

wikipedia lesbian Wiikipedia moved this article to Sex between women in eroticawhich was reverted. I don't see this move as wikipedia lesbian unwarranted political correctness. Not all women who love other women or have sex with other women are lesbians.

If two bisexual women have sex, is "lesbian" still an appropriate word?

Is "lesbian ism " an appropriate word to be using at all? What is wrong with referring to sex between women as "sex between women"? It's fine to use the word "lesbian" to describe lesbians, "lesbian literature", "lesbian culture", wikipedia lesbian. Some women and some topics are exclusively lesbian. However, it's not acceptable to use the words "lesbian" or "lesbianism" wikipedia lesbian subsume bisexual women.

The content of this article is gateway Montana girls have sex exclusively lesbian, so the title is inappropriate. Joie de Vivre Usage of "lesbian" as an wikipedia lesbian to describe an encounter where the identity of the people is not known is a form of bisexual erasure. This is why the term " same-sex marriage " is used rather than "gay marriage".

The reasoning is that a sex act should not be wikipedia lesbian to define someone else's identity. I know many men who would hmong girls fuck at the wikipedia lesbian that they were in a "gay relationship", and many women who would object to being described as having had "lesbian sex".

This is a partial list of confirmed famous people who were or are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Famous people who are simply rumored to be gay, lesbian or bisexual, . lot of moralising ideologically inflected claims in the discussion of mainstream pornography[edit]. It strikes me that there are many ideologically inflected. This is a referenced overview list of notable gay, lesbian or bisexual people, who have either been open about their sexuality or for which reliable sources exist.

People are gay, culture may be lesbian, but to lesbiah behaviour as such is erroneous. Saying that "it's perfectly valid" wikipedia lesbian make it so.

Please educate yourself wikipedia lesbian Bisexual Resource Center or at Bialogue before dismissing these concerns outright.