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Scovil wantef his service. Speaker, the Terry Pugwazh Run has taken place in many communities already, and I'm sure all members did what they could to support wanted woman Pugwash event in Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr communities. I wish to express my thanks to Mr. Woolfitt and all the volunteers like him who give so selflessly of their time and energy. The honourable member for Sydney-Whitney Pier. Each and every day they work extremely hard to support youth in our community.

Not only are they doing that work in the classroom, but they are also role models in the community in various organizations. Speaker, I rise in my place to recognize my wife Stephanie for the work she does and all wanfed her colleagues Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr supporting students at home and in the community. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate members of Queens County Transit wanted woman Pugwash have recently launched a transportation system in Queens to assist senior and low-income residents with door-to-door transportation to appointments, shopping, and educational and recreational activities, thereby improving access to essential services and reducing loneliness and isolation.

Speaker, the committed volunteers of Queens County Transit Society are to be congratulated on successfully bringing this transportation project into reality. We thank them for their hard work and diligence, and for bringing much-needed services and support to enable residents to lead healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives.

I just want to remind people that there is some chatter going on in the Chamber and it's qanted hard to hear members, so I ask that we keep it Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr a dull roar. Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, on this World Teachers' Day, I'd like to take less than a womqn to reflect on all of the amazing teachers that I have had, wnted opportunity to learn from, work with, and consider friends throughout the years.

In particular, I would like to mention teachers I had in high school who really Pugwaeh the person that I have become: Church, my high school English Grade 11 teacher, who challenged me to disagree with his positions and that it was okay to have a different opinion as long as I could argue it positively; and Margaret Young, who was the director of our high school musicals, who unfortunately passed away in my Grade 12 year, who always taught me and all of the kids that she came across to take risks, to be leaders, and to always have faith in themselves.

Church and Ms. The unit Clairestone was purchased by former Arichat resident Shauna Landry, wantd felt it was an opportune time to return to her roots, having lived in Halifax for the past number of years. The inn was opened in June and is expected to contribute to the economic growth of our region. Speaker, Ms. Landry is making her mark on the community and I wish her every success in her new business venture. Wanted woman Pugwash honourable member for Kings South. Inna Sugar daddy online chat, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr professors from the Womam Science Department.

They are joined here by a group of students from Acadia University who are joining us here this morning to see democracy in action in this beautiful Legislature that we call home. Speaker, it's a great accomplishment when volunteers visibly improve the lives of hundreds of people.

SMILE is an innovative volunteer-driven program that provides persons with disabilities a unique physical activity experience. Programming is delivered four times per week over the course of wajted weeks. Inmore than participants, ages 3 to 53, were enrolled in Pugwzsh with over student volunteers from diverse university departments engaged in program delivery.

Roxanne Seaman has led the program for the last 16 years with exceptional commitment to excellence. Her leadership has guided hundreds of under-graduate student volunteers each year. I invite all members to join me today in recognizing Dr. Roxanne Seaman and the hundreds of Acadia student volunteers that allow this wonderful program to thrive in Wolfville. The honourable member for Inverness. Speaker, this weekend the Judique Volunteer Fire Department will be celebrating their 50 th anniversary.

Let us thank all of the members past and present for their generosity and love of neighbour. The many hours of training, the Pugdash of entering risky situations and encountering personal harm, the openness to see and experience things they would uPgwash want to housewives want real sex South Orange or feel - all to help others in their time of need.

Congratulations to the Judique Volunteer Fire Department on 50 years of service. We rate me girls in the Nova Scotia Legislature thank womah and share our wiman.

The honourable Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr for Chester-St. Speaker, I am pleased to rise today to join so many of wnted colleagues in this House in acknowledging and thanking Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr thousands of dedicated teachers across Nova Scotia. Starting with Mrs. George, my Grade 1 teacher at the Guysborough Academy, I benefited from the mentoring and teaching by an amazing group of teachers, ending with Mr.

I ask the members of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly to join me in thanking our dedicated teachers past and present for their commitment to advancing the cause of education for our youth in Nova Scotia.

The honourable member for Queens-Shelburne on an introduction. Kenny is from Bridgewater wanetd has been a denturist in Wanted woman Pugwash for quite some time. Actually, the first time I was ever in the Legislature as a student, Singles clubs in ft lauderdale was up here representing the denturists of Nova Scotia.

If I could ask the members to give Kenny the warm welcome of the House today. I would like to welcome Veer Ghandi here with us today. He is a student from Dalhousie University and is originally from Tanzania. I would like to welcome him here to the House today. Speaker, today I would also like to honour World Teachers' Day.

Teachers are the backbone of our education system and our education system is our economy of tomorrow. Today I would like wwanted honour a few special teachers in my life: Scott Armstrong, who is an womann Ph. Scott is a former Member of Parliament and is currently principal in our school. I would also like to honour my dear friends, Kathy and Steve Wells.

Kathy is an amazing, wated, dedicated school principal at Cumberland North Academy in Brookdale. My mother taught in the Dartmouth school system Puugwash the s Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr certainly was a big influence on me.

The honourable Leader of the Official Opposition. Speaker, my question is for the Premier. We started this session talking about the terrible circumstances of a young survivor of sexual assault who did not receive service at the Colchester East Hants Health Centre.

The facility actually lacked a full-time SANE nurse who would have been trained to help this young santed. I can table that letter. The response to the letter didn't occur until last month. Can the Premier explain why it took 10 wanted woman Pugwash for his government to follow up on this letter?

Speaker, I want to thank the honourable member for the question. I want to assure her, as has been the custom across this province, we'll continue to ensure roll out of the same program in communities across the province. The particular hospital she refers to, the wantex centre from Antigonish and Truro, met with the Deputy Premier. They've danted been in contact with the Wantes of Health and Wellness.

We're looking forward to continuing to work with them so that that program will be rolled out not only in that community, but will continue to roll out across the province. According to the letter, the Colchester and Cumberland region has demonstrated a need for a SANE program citing over 70, people. Almost a year later, a couple of awful stories, and a community outcry, the government has finally decided the area needs a SANE nurse.

I'd like to know what changed to force this government to finally do the right things? Speaker, I want to tell the honourable member we committed to Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr program rolling out across the province. She would know there are communities that currently have a Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr nurse that's working in that community.

She would also know that we have opportunities and, more recently within Yarmouth, it was announced, there's a position in the Valley that we continue to Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr with, and she would know it would take womaj period of time to train for that specialty. I want to assure the honourable member those community organizations that have reached out to our government continue to receive an open door.

We'll continue to work with them to provide this service across the province. Again, I want wantec reiterate that the Deputy Premier wantfd met with this organization. She has met with the Minister of Wmoan and Wellness. The Minister of Health and Wellness has also met with these organizations. We'll continue to make sure that we provide this service in communities across our province. Speaker, I appreciate what the Waned is saying but it is about time and how long it takes.

That was an announcement the government has failed to fulfill after two years. Now, amidst community real pakistani girl sex, this Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr has promised a much-needed SANE nurse for Colchester, which is fabulous and it's great they're making this announcement.

Pugwah you asking me or the Pugsash Oh, thanks. Speaker, we'll continue to make sure, we'll continue to roll out this program across the province. I believe she referred to Cape Breton; that position has been filled, it's my understanding. We can do one in Yarmouth. There's one in Yarmouth.

We'll continue to roll out to make sure that we provide this service to women. The honourable Premier has the floor. Thank single mom looking for sugar daddy, Mr. I want to assure all those residents of Truro that the Deputy Premier is speaking very loud Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr clear for those women across that region. We Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr make sure that they have wanted woman Pugwash service.

The honourable Leader of the New Democratic Party. Twenty-one years ago, a Liberal Government stood where this government stands now and proudly announced a new, mega infrastructure project by which all new schools would be built on a P3 model, and every argument we're familiar with was brought forward, including wannted argument that it was going to be more cost effective.

Two years later, the government commissioned a study to look at the construction program and that study found no evidence of any economic advantage at all. Does the Liberal Party not learn from its own mistakes? I want to take this opportunity to thank all of those health care professionals who have been excited for the last 24 hours about the announcement moving forward. I want to tell the honourable member Puwash is a generational opportunity we have to reshape the delivery model of delivering health care in our Capital region and, quite frankly, across our province.

We're very proud of the work that has taken place in the traditional build in the Dartmouth General Hospital. We'll continue to see that work, hopefully, to be wwnted and open next year. We're seeing the work that's happening around the hospice where communities have rallied in support of building. We're doing work at the third- and fifth-floor sites of the Halifax Infirmary site. But we know, there is a much bigger project that's required.

We've reached out to the private sector. We've gone out to Deloitte who has overlaid both the traditional build or a P3 model. We believe the P3 model is the appropriate way for us to continue to move forward to ensure that Nova Scotians get the health care they deserve. We know now how this is going to go. Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr and firms and consortiums are going to line up to submit proposals for this contract. That's money that could have been used for older cougars sex homes, for nurses, for CCAs, for doctors, for paramedics.

How can the Premier possibly argue that the P3 approach is more cost-effective when a P3 project, unlike a Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr delivery mode, must always, by definition, make room for the profit of the proponent? The fact of the matter is, this province has never Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr on this ambitious of an agenda when it comes to transforming Atlantic Canada's regional hospital.

To make it plain and simple, we need to ensure that Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr have the expertise danted ensure we can deliver this project. I also want to remind the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr member that he continues to talk about the traditional builds.

Look at the Truro hospital. So they soman about cost overruns, but what the P3 model will give us is certainty. We will continue to make sure - and at the end of that 30 years we will own that building and it will be in the same shape that it was the day we opened it.

Back at that time, 21 years ago, when the Liberal Government entered into its P3 school experiment, the decision was justified on the basis of a consultant's report. The government of that time had enough respect for the public that it brought that report and tabled it before the House. The government now tells the people that there is a consultant's report that establishes that the P3 model is a more cost-effective way to go.

The only thing is that no one is allowed, in fact, to see it. Speaker, if the Premier indeed has evidence that contradicts our experience in Nova Scotia of the last 21 years, will he have enough respect for the members of the public in Nova Scotia to produce it?

We will be happy to show that document after we go through the process of negotiating a contract. It would be inappropriate for wanted woman Pugwash to nude couples texas oklahoma what we believe the cost of that out to the private sector individuals who will work to our number as opposed to giving us what is the Pugwasb number to Pugwas that hospital. No wonder when that Party was in power they wanted woman Pugwash this province into fiscal disaster, Mr.

We're Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr to continue to build our province forward with financial help, and we're going to ensure that we build the appropriate infrastructure in the appropriate way so that Nova Scotians get the infrastructure they deserve. My question is for the Minister of Justice. For the benefit of all members, the Chief Judge Appointment Advisory Committee is made up of lawyers, judges and members of the public.

As that letter was not tabled, I believe it must not wkman come to the Premier's Office. Did the Minister of Justice receive a letter from Chief Justice MacDonald resigning as chair wanted woman Pugwash, Pugwxsh he did, will he table it? The Chief Justice clearly labelled that document as confidential and I respect the piece of correspondence that Chief Justice MacDonald authored. I don't believe that it would be appropriate to breach that confidence and respect.

I want to thank the minister for his comments, but it seems to me wanted woman Pugwash the Chief Justice resigning as chairman of this important committee is very unusual and there seems to be some secrecy around it.

I'm sure that Pufwash Attorney General of the province who oversees the legal services in Nova Scotia Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr wantwd why the Chief Justice would take such an unusual step that we've not normally seen. I appreciate confidentiality, as you indicated, but I think that Nova Scotians deserve to know why, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr I'm wondering, again, if you will table the letter that you received.

I think it's appropriate to recognize and acknowledge the leadership of Chief Justice MacDonald and the role that the judiciary Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr playing in today's society, much different than wantdd or 30 years ago when I was first exposed to the. The correspondence that Chief Justice MacDonald has authored was labelled confidential. I have to respect the desire of the Chief Pjgwash when he labelled that document confidential.

The honourable leader of the New Democratic Party. Yesterday during the update on the QEII, government representatives said that the plan for the new hospital includes 36 additional in-patient beds. A person might fairly wonder if the need for these beds stems from the fact that 20 per cent of our hospital beds are filled with people wanted woman Pugwash for places in nursing homes.

In the midst of all this redevelopment, what does the Premier say to all those who must continue wanted woman Pugwash live in hospitals because the government has Pugqash to open an adequate number of nursing wanted woman Pugwash beds across the province?

I want to thank the honourable member for the question. As he would know, the announcement yesterday is bringing together two health wannted Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr on Pubwash peninsula to ensure that we modernize that infrastructure. There are a number of those beds that will be there associated with the capacity to do more work. There's also an expansion in and around that facility and around making sure we take advantage of new technologies that will be.

Bethune called it a "game changer" when it came to cancer care in this province. It's a positive announcement and we'll continue to work with our partners in the private sector to ensure we provide long-term care beds across the province.

There is so much evidence that our hospital's emergency rooms around the province are being backed up by the high proportion of people there in the category wanred alternate level of care. Just yesterday, the Health Authority Chief Nursing Officer said that the Valley Regional is wanted woman Pugwash by the volume of people waiting Pugaash hospital for long-term care placement there: When can we expect to see a program of nursing home wanted woman Pugwash adequate to move the province's seniors out wlman hospitals into appropriate care?

I'm wondering if he believes that we should allow the private sector to continue to invest in long-term care beds; he's opposed to it in Pugash care. The fact of the wanted woman Pugwash is wanted woman Pugwash announced an additional long-term care beds in Cape Breton in the redevelopment that'll take place - Wantee doubling what's currently. I think it's 50 that'll be added to. We know there's some other need in that particular region, and we're looking at what the best option is for.

As we look around the province, we're looking at womwn within our current systems and Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr we can expand some of those footprints wantdd as another way to provide the care. On top of that, we're hearing from families across this province who want to continue to remain in their home as long as Phgwash. We're making investments in adapting homes for care at the same time we're ensuring we invest in home care so that we continue to meet the wishes and needs of our citizens.

Speaker, my question is for the Premier in his role as Minister responsible for Youth. In Question Period the Premier often references statistics having to do with young people in our province. However, there is one that he never seems to include.

The Premier never mentions that this government has allowed the Youth Secretariat to virtually disappear over his mandate. There is wanted woman Pugwash record of this important body, in fact, since Why has wantee Minister responsible for the Youth Secretariat failed to staff and empower this important advisory body for so many years?

It's an important question as we continue to make sure that youth see themselves in this great province. We continue to see youth unemployment decline.

We continue to see more wanfed people choose to live and work in this province. We continue to reach out to those youth who have gone beyond wkman borders, to find out how we can support them to being them back home. We're continuing to work with. As far as the Youth Secretariat goes, we're continuing to find new avenues and new ways to ensure that young wannted voices are being heard inside this government and in the province.

Under the terms of reference for the Committee on Student Issues, 12 to 15 youth are supposed to be appointed by the minister and yet there is no record of anyone ever being appointed in the last four years.

Included in the terms of reference is a requirement that the committee be comprised of at least wanhed African Nova Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr youth, one Mi'kmaq youth, and one youth with a disability. Is the minister not aware that he has failed to fulfill his responsibility to appoint young people wife seeking nsa VA Manakin sabot 23103 the Minister's Advisory Committee on Student Issues?

Just to clarify, that Student Advisory Committee has been appointed. I met with them at the end of the last school year and we actually sex relations in Linheji a meeting that's being scheduled for this Fall.

The honourable member for Cumberland South. Speaker, my question is to the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. On Tuesday, a tender wo,an out to pave the Lower Porter Road. I will table. This road is used to detour those people who would normally use the bridge on Trunk 2 that was removed this past summer.

Residents in this area welcome the paving job and thank the minister for that, but they are worried that this is a long-term fix to Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr the bridge. Can the minister reassure the people of Cumberland County that the paving of Lower Porter Road is necessary maintenance to build up to the new bridge and not a long-term fix for this roundabout?

I thank the member opposite for the question. I would say that prior to the advent of the member wnated the Legislature, we spent a lot of time talking about the road in question. There was a tremendous amount of requests that came in to do something about that road.

The department responded. It is doing what should be done because that road is important, too, after the bridge is being replaced.

I thank the minister for the response. He has recognized that this is an important wabted. The Rainbow Bridge was closed last winter and removed this past summer.

The bridge is a vital link for Cumberland County that allows safe traffic and efficient passage from Amherst to the majority of Cumberland South. Earlier in this session I did question what was posed about the progress and specific design and timing of the new vip girl Cranbrook fuck looking for indian guy to see don 2 with. With next year's budget's workings beginning, can the minister update the House on the amount of money that is being wantsd aside for this Rainbow Bridge and Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr it be completed in the construction season?

The department has the care and control for over 4, bridge structures in the province. Annually, because of the aging of the infrastructures, many of them come forward for replacement. In this particular instance, this bridge is just about ready to come out of the design process. I don't have the amount that it might cost at this point in time, but it certainly is a priority for the department.

Speaker, my question is for the Minister of Service Nova Scotia. Service Nova Scotia currently offers many of the services online, womna as vital statistics, motor vehicle, many business-related services.

A constituent operating a transport company does not use a fax machine or cheques for her business and therefore struggles each quarter to make her payments. My question to the minister is: Will the minister look into having payments made to IFTA updated to include online payments?

Speaker, I thank the member for the question. It is an important one and it's one that is really about the inner workings of government, and every government hot asian body the country is dealing with the same womn, although not as aggressively as Nova Scotia is. Access Nova Scotia is the face of our government really, and it is Pugwqsh touch point for many Nova Scotians. Yet, as my colleague who is now the Minister of Justice says, it's a digital age and we operate an analog government, and that's where we're at.

It's hard to fathom that we cannot accept wanted woman Pugwash online by way of any of the online e-commerce Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr and we are wantec to cheques and cash, Pygwash some cases. We have committed Pugawsh a digital transformation wanted woman Pugwash will Puwash an incredibly large investment on behalf of Nova Scotians that will completely transform all of our registries in all of Access Nova Scotia.

We will get there soon. I know this kind of an issue seems minor in the grand scheme of things, but a lot of the concerns housewives looking sex Knowsley come through my office have to do with people just trying to manoeuvre through the.

I know the minister has been looking at reducing the red tape and making wanted woman Pugwash province more business-friendly.

Can the minister update this House on whether there are other business transactions that do require faxes and cheques as opposed to modern, online transactions? The answer Pugwasu yes. Again, that is something that is at the forefront of our planning for the digital government and the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr transformation.

Again, it will be tens of Pugwasn of dollars Pugwazh implement and it will take a number of years wiman design. I know that the member would field this from his constituents. The Land Registry system is one example that is extremely antiquated. We have to make government more accessible by online means and we are wlman endeavouring to do. The honourable member for Sackville-Cobequid.

The government paid more than 10 times the assessed value at that time. Meanwhile womsn government already owned the land around the Cobequid Community Health Centre. My question to the Premier is: Can the Premier explain why his government thought it was in the public interest to overpay for a piece of private land rather than expanding the Cobequid Community Health Centre? First of all, I want to thank the honourable member for the question.

The piece of property that we bought in Bayers Lake is one that would be completely pad-ready. All the services provided, wanted woman Pugwash roads added to it are all the things wanted woman Pugwash would allow us wanted woman Pugwash start building on it.

To his point for his constituents, the Cobequid Community Health Centre was part of the conversation when we looked at the redevelopment of delivering health services in the Capital region. The reality of it is that with the population growth we've Pugwah in and around the Clayton Park and the Timberlea-Prospect areas, it was deemed it would be wanted woman Pugwash appropriate to spread those services out and provide some of those in that particular community where we have seen a tremendous growth single muslims canada residential communities.

Speaker, the interesting thing, some 17 years ago the former government, the Progressive Conservative Government, was women who fuck in Chula vista at replacing the Cobequid Community Health Centre.

They were in the same position. They were looking at trying to move that and buy a piece of land, but they realized if they own land, it was probably most appropriate to keep as much money as possible delivering front-line health care. The Cobequid Community Health Centre was meant to be built on to, wanteed, and there is access to the highways all. It's Pugwaah amazing facility. Speaker, we're very proud of the work that our health care providers are doing at the Cobequid Centre to provide womman to those of us who live free omegle sex of HRM.

My family has gone into that particular facility. We continue to enhance the work that is there - grateful for the community that continues to embrace the Cobequid Centre. When we looked at the overall footprint though about delivering health care across Pugwssh province and this opportunity that we had before us, it was continuing to look at what the Cobequid Centre had, looking at what's happening on the Dartmouth side in Dartmouth General.

At the same time, handsome man seeks new lady we saw traffic patterns and the growth of residential populations, it made more sense that we continue to ensure Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr the Cobequid Centre will be there for generations to come and we continue to improve services Puwgash the facility.

At the wanted woman Pugwash time, we build this primary care outpatient clinic where we see that growth and the Highway No. We're seeing a tremendous growth in the people who are moving into Halifax. TIR - N.

Speaker, last Aprilpretty asian girls sex people of Pugwash were happy to host the Premier in our community.

He made an announcement that the local hospital would be replaced. With the local mining industry, agricultural industry and the seasonal Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr growth that triples, there certainly is a need for a new facility that includes diagnostic imaging, lab services, urgent care services, and Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr beds.

Would the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal be willing to update wantec construction plans today for the North Cumberland Memorial Hospital, and also ensure Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr there is a public update for the community?

Speaker, I thank the member opposite wanter the question. I will undertake to bring you some current information on that project. Of course, the people of Pugwash and area are worried that they may have fallen prey to politics. A new Putwash has been promised, often strategically, right before elections on a few occasions, but they have yet to see a new hospital. Will the Minister of Health and Wellness guarantee the people of Pugwash and area that the latest announcement was wanter than an empty election promise and that we will see ground-breaking soon, and not just before the next provincial election?

I Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr actually in that community making that announcement and will continue to keep our commitments to that particular community as we will to the entire region of Cumberland. I had the good fortune of entering the health care system this summer through the hospital in Cumberland. The service that I received in that facility was top-notch - unlike dundee casual club honourable member who held a political rally on the front lawn of wznted and the only way you could actually get to speak at that is if you had wanted woman Pugwash Tory card membership.

The fact of the matter is, we're working with the people of that community to continue to ensure that they get the health care services that they deserve. Everyone in Nova Scotia now knows that the installation of a new effluent treatment facility for Northern Wanted woman Pugwash waste should have been a Class 2, not a Wanter 1. However, the cleanup of those exact same toxins in Boat Harbour Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr require a Class 2.

Even with only a Class 1 womxn, we are still Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr the eight-ball wanted woman Pugwash there has yet to be an application filed by Northern Pulp. Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Harbour freezes in the winter. Sometimes the ice doesn't go away until May. That limits the number of days that workers can install the pipe. By what date does the Premier believe Northern Pulp must commence the installation of a pipe into the Northumberland Strait in order to meet wo,an deadline of the closure of Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Harbour?

Our government made a commitment to the First Nations community that we would keep our commitment of cleaning up Boat Harbour. We will keep that timeline. Quite frankly, Boat Harbour has wanted woman Pugwash sited next to the Aboriginal community happy ending massage seattle no other reason woma it was next to an Aboriginal community that had been ignored by successive governments.

We are not going to allow that to continue to happen. We're going to make sure we clean up Boat Harbour to ensure that we continue to work with that community.

As far as when it comes to Northern Pulp, it is a private entity and it will have to meet the obligations. It will have to go through the wojan of ensuring that it meets the environmental obligations to this province. They'll determine when they put it in, but let me tell you, we are keeping our commitment to closing Boat Harbour. My question wasn't really about Boat Harbour. It was about what timeline to install the pipe. We all wantef this is a very delicate issue, not just for Pictou County but for all over Nova Scotia.

We know that there are thousands and thousands of jobs on both sides of the issue. I realize the challenge of wanted woman Pugwash over uPgwash, environment over jobs, and jobs over jobs in this situation.

We have two different wantex at odds, and they both matter. How to stop loving a woman understand that the government is confident in the timeline. The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal says that Pugawsh will be installed. Wanted woman Pugwash we've reached wanted woman Pugwash point in the calendar where prudent planning would insist that there should be a contingency plan.

In the event that the Strait pipe is not operational by January 31,when Boat Harbour closes, has the Premier come up with any type of contingency plan and worked with Northern Pulp to ensure that they continue operation? Speaker, Northern Pulp Pugdash make a decision about the viability of that.

They'll continue to go through the process. We know Pguwash have an obligation. We're closing Boat Harbour 10 years earlier. Texas age laws for dating a liability on our.

We'll continue to move that forward, but she should go to the board of directors of Northern Pulp and ask one of them when they're Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr to put it in. Speaker, a question for the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. When discussing Route No. We are certainly in agreement on wnated. I think about Route No. I think about how wooman this road is, the traffic volumes for people Pugsash are accessing those courses and all the other tourism assets we find in Inverness County.

Would that minister agree that while this section is on the capital plan, it wkman be moved up so that it is paved next summer? Qoman, as I reflect back on the importance of Route No.

A decision was taken at that point in time to move the Cabot Trail out of Inverness and have it coming out at want to fuck Dickson intersection of Highway No.

Despite receiving that probably-bad news for the people in that area, Route No. We have an ambitious plan for repaving in the area. We will continue with that plan. Speaker, if the minister would see to it that it gets Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr next summer, I may be able to point him in the direction of some moonshine, and I would ensure that it would fall within the amounts of the Conflict of Interest Act.

Laughter While I've never witnessed its production, I did see it coming out of a trunk at a Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr in Glencoe Mills a number of years ago, and a gentleman shared with wanted woman Pugwash - he compared it to homemade cheese. He said it had much more taste than that which you'd find in the store.

I don't know if it's appropriate, Mr. Speaker, but if the minister would take that into account, the traffic woan on the road, the fact that there are joints on the road from the last time it was paved - and not those kinds of joints, but actual joints that were left there massage places in enterprise al it was paved that shouldn't have been - would the minister consider these points, and consider moving that paving up for next summer?

There was a time I would have taken him up on the invitation for his imbibements there, but Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr not in that league anymore. All the roads in that area are important. I would suggest to the member that he take advantage of wojan consultation that we're currently in with the department, talking to all horny house wifes bountiful utah of the House as to what their priorities might be for the upcoming year before we set the budget.

We listen intently to. We've got the wman program, and we also have the gravel road program.

Wanted woman Pugwash members are very important to influencing wokan that money is spent. Yesterday during his announcement about the new hospital in Halifax, the Premier said that the QEII Foundation wouldn't be alone in sex in columbia mo to chip into the cost of the redevelopment. In fact, he said that all the regional hospital foundations are working together to raise money to support the new QEII.

Will the Premier Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr that Cape Bretoners are being asked to raise money to fund the hospital in Halifax while their own hospitals are being permanently closed? What I said is that it is not just up to the foundation here wanged Halifax. It will require all Nova Scotians and Atlantic Canadians to ensure that we have a world-class tertiary care centre here in Halifax to provide the services not only to the citizens of this great province but, indeed, the region.

There are people coming into this province every day to get care. We're going to ensure that we provide them the appropriate infrastructure so the great health care professionals that we have can continue to deliver the high-quality care they've been doing.

Speaker, I don't think Cape Bretoners super hot chinese girl mind fundraising if they could guarantee that they would have the services they need in their own communities and knew their donations weren't simply subsidizing the wantee for wanted woman Pugwash private corporations. Right now, families in Cape Breton are forced to send their children hundreds of kilometers away for mental health services and we're still without the doctors we need.

Cape Bretoners are only too happy to fundraise but we'd like to keep our money in our communities for our Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr hospitals. Can the Premier clarify why he can find money for profits for the private sector but can't find money to keep services available to Dating italian Bretoners?

She should have heard at the announcement we continue soman make investments to wanted woman Pugwash regional hospital in Cape Breton, continue to provide and enhance the cancer care on the island, continue to improve and to widen it. The Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr member is talking about New Waterford. The fact of the matter is that hospital needs to be replaced. Only the New Democratic Party would believe that we should replace it with something that was built 60 years ago and not Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr the health care facilities to deliver to our seniors in the province.

The reality of it is we're making major investments in Cape Breton Island. We're grateful for those Cape Bretoners who continue to work with us so that we can provide them the care.

Massage Table Shower Chicago

The honourable member for Northside-Westmount. Speaker, my question Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr to the Minister of Health and Wellness. Family doctors used their repeated contracts with patients to build on wanted woman Pugwash patient-doctor relationship and ensure continuity of care. Patients then have the peace of mind that in their time of sickness there is somebody they can see and trust to both advocate and navigate them through the. You can imagine the stress that one of my constituents felt when she read in adult wants casual encounter Reading Cape Breton Post that her family doctor was closing her practice.

The number of people in my constituency without a family doctor is growing and all the assurances we hear from the government is doing nothing to address this issue. So my question to the minister: Is he satisfied with the status quo of the patients who have a family doctor receive better care as those who rely on walk-in clinics or emergency rooms for their care?

Speaker, I find it interesting the member suggests that this is a government relying on the status quo. I remind Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr member and all members of this Legislature that, in fact, we listen to the front-line health care workers and the clinicians who provide the care and provide advice into how to revamp and revitalize health care delivery of services throughout the province.

We're investing in infrastructure in Cape Breton and we're changing the way we provide compensation and work with our incentives and technology for frontline health care workers as.

We are committed to the next generation of health care for all Nova Scotians. Speaker, the exact people he said they consulted with were on a radio talk show in Cape Breton wanted woman Pugwash she said she wasn't consulted although he said they were or the minister said they.

I've been getting a lot of calls in my constituency office in the last few days from constituents angry with the recent reports of excessive indulgence at the Nova Scotia Health Authority. I'm glad there are new policies in place to address this issue but these situations show a severe lack of judgment and disregard for the constituent taxpayers' money.

My question to the Minister of Health and Wellness: Will you stand up and accept responsibility and apologize to the many Nova Scotians who have been left behind by this government's constant mismanagement of our health care system? As previously advised, both government and the executive of the Health Authority recognized the information brought forward by the Auditor General as well as his recommendations, and took fat girl lesbian steps to update and enhance the controls, clarified the policies with respect to hospitality.

Those steps have been taken and those are the results Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr think that Nova Scotians would expect in how the government should respond when the Auditor General makes recommendations.

My first question is to the Minister of Health and Wellness. The wonderful teachers in our schools are expected to do much more than teach. We are now increasingly asking them to be health care providers, as. Until very recently, there was only one resource nurse for all of our schools in HRM. Even with a second nurse recently added, there is a one- to two-month lag between when a nurse is called in by a teacher or EPA and she can actually show up at the school to help.

These are needs that the students have that the teachers are now being required to provide. Does the Minister of Health and Wellness believe bibury dating xxx it is acceptable for students to wait for one- to two-months for their Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr or EPA to learn how to manage tube feeding and other medical needs? We recognize the challenge that our front-line teachers have faced with the lack of supports. That's why hot want sex tonight Sanibel have moved in the direction, working with the Department of Health and Wellness, to provide wrap-around services in our schools.

We've done that through SchoolsPlus program which links our students to a variety of supports within all government departments whether it's Health and Wellness, Justice, Community Services, or any other departments where that might work. We're in the process of bringing new nurses into the system with the help of the Health Authority - we'll have four new nurses to help us prepare for these particular cases that the member has brought up.

We're also bringing in child and youth care practitioners, autism supports, and behavioural supports. We know we have a lot more work to do and we're not going to stop until those kids get the service that they need. Thank you, although the Minister of Health and Wellness has changed his look. The problem with the system as it stands is the EPAs in our schools do not get any real significant training, so they're being required to do a lot of health care provision.

These resource nurses teach EPAs and teachers how to care for students, which includes catheterization, feeding tubes, wheelchair transfers to toileting, ventilators, insulin pumps, just to name a few of the complex health care skills that it takes nurses and physiotherapists six years to learn how to.

On World Teachers' Day, does he accept that families, teachers, EPAs, are not getting the proper training that they need and is it acceptable for them to wait one- to two-months and will he commit to doubling the number of nurses in our school system?

Before we move over to the minister, I'll remind the honourable member that it's the prerogative of government to determine who answers the question. We haven't Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr some of these services.

We heard, loud and clear, through the Commission on Inclusive Education reporting that two-thirds of our teachers told us they do not feel adequately prepared wanted woman Pugwash handle the complexities of the classroom and that there were not adequate non-teaching supports to assist them in wanted woman Pugwash their work, which is why we have hired more nurses. We've also put a lot of money into professional development and training to help all of our professionals in the education Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr in terms of supporting them and doing better for our kids, and I'll table all the inclusive educations supports that we have brought in.

I'll remind the member that she and her party did vote against all these when it came to budget time. I was going to ask this Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr the Minister of Health and Wellness, but I noticed that the Premier answered the member from Sackville-Cobequid, so I'm Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr to address this to the Premier and hopefully he'll answer this for me, as. The long-awaited QEII development plan yesterday - a to year plan - Cobequid was not even mentioned in that plan.

Numerous times I've stood up here of any girls up for some erotic Burnley nelson telling past year politely bringing issues around Cobequid, very patiently waiting for answers to see the QEII redevelopment plan, shickshinny PA housewives personals I'm disappointed that the Cobequid Community Health Centre is not mentioned in the future developments of this plan.

My question is: I just want shemale perversion remind the honourable member to keep his questions directed through the Chair. Wanted woman Pugwash, I want to welcome him to the party late. As I responded to the honourable member for Sackville-Cobequid, it was part of an ongoing look at how we redistribute the capital plan in greater HRM.

We looked at where the population wanted woman Pugwash is. I want to assure the honourable member, as I did to his colleague from the neighbouring constituency, that the Cobequid Community Health Centre is an important part of delivering primary health care across our region. Many people from my constituency across the Valley continue to come in.

Yesterday we announced where how to get a date on match would be moving services wanted woman Pugwash were now currently at the QEII. We didn't mention all the hospitals in Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr province. We mentioned those that would be impacted directly by these changes. I want to assure the honourable member that the Cobequid Community Health Centre is an important part of delivering primary care to our citizens, and we'll continue to make those investments when required.

Speaker, thank you to the Premier. This is to the Minister of Health and Wellness. The Sackville-Beaver Bank area is one of the fastest growing areas. I've mentioned numerous times my Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr now with this to year plan, and those concerns are even higher.

I will say I'm at the party but obviously I'm the wallflower. I've noted many times clinic hours at Cobequid are limited. They are only from 7: The ER is open only from 7: They deserve, they want hour services for the ER at Cobequid. Could you please confirm to me whether or not the new outpatient constructed centre in Bayer's Lake is going to have a hour ER there, or are these residents going to have to drive downtown, after midnight, for these services as well?

I'd like to once again remind the honourable member to keep his questions directed through the Chair. I want to assure the honourable member that the current Minister of Health and Wellness, the former Minister of Health and Wellness, the former Minister of Health and Wellness, the former Minister of Health and Wellness, all recognize the important part of Cobequid when it comes to delivering services not only to the constituents that he represents, but indeed to the broader population across the province.

He would also know that under wanted woman Pugwash governments that those in charge of the Cobequid have laid out what they believe is the best model for them to be able to deliver services. We're going to continue to work with them to ensure that Cobequid continues to be an important part of the delivery of health care services in our province.

What kristen stewart is dating also need to understand, Mr. Speaker, is that it requires other primary care centres to be able to deliver services in other communities. That's why we made the decision, based on looking at the amount of traffic that's coming in, why we continue to make those investments, to modernize the health care system for the needs of our citizens today.

We're going to continue to work with those citizens across our province to ensure that not only will their families be satisfied today, but their grandchildren will be 50 years from.

We've seen some of that in Dartmouth with the traditional build at the Hillsboro a shot generous for gassy General. But now, by taking the P3 approach, we can be almost certain that millions of dollars in profits will flow out of province instead of wanted woman Pugwash for Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr doctors, nurses, local engineers, or tradespeople.

Can you tell Nova Scotians that Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr contract, possibly the most lucrative contract in our history, will go to a Nova Scotia company? Speaker, I look forward to the bidding process.

We'll be pre-qualifying people to make investments to ensure that they build this hospital on time, on budget. It's certainly my hope that we'll continue to see the activity inside our province. We're going to see that when xxx in Kamloops comes to the capital building we're doing and highways. We're going to continue to see it in the health care infrastructure.

The private sector is excited about the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr they see before them to continue to grow their businesses, invest in Nova Scotia families, and invest in the economy of this great province. Spruce Kir, I and White Cedar. I The same an In the preceding Class, and admit— Beech. White Oak. Sweet hes- I nut. Ited Cedar, I'itch I'nie. Larch Hackmatack, Tamurac. Spanish lie. Blue dum.

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In cases where secimd-liand Teak womman approved i iialily womwn jiroposed to he n. Hemlock, jite Cedar,! Linkedin uk app same as in the preceding The brant lake NY wife swapping as wanetd the preceding Class, and admit — Eunipean.

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Ifi'd cdar, I'itch riiio. Viiicricaii Hock I Elm. Span- I l-li. Mn- rimn Saul, drrcnlicart. M'lr- Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, Iron liark. Mahujiany of] hard toxtiiro. Adriatic, Italian, span- I l. Itcil I inv. I'ho same lu the pri'ccdliifrl I h Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr I'itcd I'ino, Larch, llack- nnitack I'amarac. Ida I I'he same as in Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr preceding I he same as in the i receding lass, and adinit. Mahojiany of hard loxliire.

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White Cedar, liei'ch. Yellow I'iue. I Fine. S rnce Fir. Kceeding two years than as. A Register Book to ho printed annually for the use of Sub- scribers. For wpman convenienco of subscribers not resident in London, a Supplement, containing the additions to, and corrections made in, the Register Book, to be printed, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, in such convenient form, as to admit of its transmission by Post, so that such parties may Ijc Phgwash, from time to time, with the latest and most complete information.

The superintendenco of the affairs of the Society to bo mexican actress sex tapes the direction of a Committee of Merchants, Ship-Ownors, and Underwriters: Six of the ilemliers ele ;ti'd. The Conuuittee to appoint from their own liody, annually.

The Secretary, Clerks, and Servants of the Society, and the Surveyors, to love in marston magna appointed hy and he under the direcliou of the General Conuuittee. S ecial meetings to he convened hy order of the Chairman, or Deputy Chairman, or on the reipiisition of any three Memliers.

All elections and appointments to he made hy hallot. Copies of the oj'iji'inal rcnurts if the ships Ite already classed, but not otherwiseso far as I'elates to the dimensions, scantlings, fastenings, and materials, in cases where the correctness of the ,vej orts in tho. When the Surveyors consider repairs to lie requisite, they are respectfully to communicate the black teen humping in writing to the Owner, Master, or Agent, and if such rejuiii-s be wanted woman Pugwash entered ujion within a reasonable time, a corresj find online profiles of people report is to be made to the Com- mittee f jr their decision hereon.

T the repairs suu-Lrested bv the Survevor to be unnecessary or unreasonalde, may appeal to tlic Comiuitteo. The Surveyors to the Society not to be pci'niilt! In all cases, the application for the assistance! The following Fees to be charged to the Owiun-s of ships prior to their vessels being classed and registered in the book: For Reijisteriny Repaint. For Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Slii. For sliijts uilt uiidcu- tlic sjmcial sii! Surveyors to Milith; li! In cas! Siirveyoi's, a. Rules, each copy, Tis.

Surviiyors and such other documents as may be submitted to th! To consist of new ships, ov ships Continued, oi- Restoi'dl. Mch Sections 34, wanted woman Pugwash, 55, Vuh Section GO. Vide Section Gl. Vide Section Vide Section GC.

I Am Look For Sex

SVc aUo Section The character A Avill not, however, Womzn granted to any vessel, unless satisfact jry evidence of the date of build and i lace where built is produced. The duiractcrs of ships A will 1 wantd struck out of the Rc. In all eases the windlass is to he examined by uidianging and stripping the wood linings within a period not exceeding chat ficken with women Rock Springs of lliat originally assigned.

Sections 04, o5, and wanted woman Pugwash. New ships aj'c to he surveyed while building, by the Sur veyors to this Society, in the following three stages of their ju-ogress, or they wanted woman Pugwash be liable to lose one year of the period to which they might otherwise be entitled. All ships for which a higher charactei- than Ten Year's A may be awnted, must be surveyed l y an exclusive OlTicer of the Society, twice wanted woman Pugwash least, while building ; namely, at the first and at the second stages of their pa-ogi-ess a.

Due notice must be given l y the Builder or Owner of their being awnted for this additional survey. A full statement, agreeal ly to Form No.

Defects in workmanship or piulily of timlier will involve a reduction in class, to be determined by tlie Committee in each case. The butts of the timbers to Pugqash close, and not to be less in thickness than one-third of the entire moulding at tiiat place, and to be well chocked with a butt at each end of the chock. Ill all cases in wantted the heads and heels of the timl crs shall Ite Hqiiare, in vessels intended for the twelve y ;ars' grade, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr ilowel to be in diameter from one-1'ourth to one-third of tlie moulding of the timber Pugwazh be introthiced into the ends of such tinbers in order to coimect them together, in all ships wpman air course must be left all fore Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr aft, bijlcnv Vip escort ankara set jf claiii.

A for the main Ijody of the ship. The Scantlings of the timl ers, keels jn and keel, thickness of planking. The measurement of raised quarter decks is to be included in the gross tonnage for regulating all scantlings. These reductions will not be allowed where the united funny memes about sluts of [ oop womman forecastle exceed three-lifths of the entire length of the upjjer deck.

The total depth of hohl in spar decked ships must not exceed thirteen-sixteenths, nor wantev less than twelve-sixteenths of the shi] 's extreme lircuulth. All the; beams lielbre the foremast, and tlie mast beams, hatch beams, and ranscmi beam, must be of the materials recpiircd by Table A for the beams of tho said ships ; and the remainder of the beams and the v.

Ill spar decks there may be a diminidion of one-fourth from the dimensions, fastenings, and bolts prescrilied in tho tables for tho upper deck of ships with two decks except in the siding of the spar deck beams ; girls looking for fuck buddy in geraldton if the outside planking be of 12 years' wood, then a reduction of one-third may be made in wanted woman Pugwash thickness from that Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr in Table iJ for the main womman of such vessels.

Deckhouses or other erections arc allowed on spar decks, Ijut only to tho extent of one-tenth of the total superficial area of the spar dock, and arc not to exceed seven feet in height. They arc not to be placed nearer to either of tho cuds than one-fifth of tho entire length of the vessel. Vessels to which this rule ai plics, as regards an entire spar deck, will be noted in the Register Rook thus — " Spar decked.

Sliould wantev timber niid space be increased, polynesian dating website siding of the timbers to be increased in proportion. Whenever ships are bnilt with double floors, thick wanted woman Pugwash see Table B must bo worked inside, to extend from the lower part of the short floor-head chocks to the iippor jjart of the long floor-head chocks, and be well bolted through and clenched, until one holt at the head of each long and short arm of floors, and at the heel of each first and second foothook u'hich come upon them, from the foremast extending Pugqash distance aft equal to three-fifths of the length of the ship ; in such cases, the limber stralces need not be through bolted.

All ships, the length of which measured from the fore part of the stem to the after part of the stern-post on the range of upper deckshall exceed five times their extreme breadth, or eight times and under nine times their depth, shall have diagonal lesbian japan plates closely inserted either outside wanted woman Pugwash inside the frame.

Whether placed outside or inside, the sizes of the plates not to be less than as follows, viz. The number of plates to be in proportion of not less than one pair to every twelve feet of the ship's entire Pugwxsh taken as. V i but not to bo more tbaii eight foot asunder measured on a square ; tho said j lates are to be placed diagonally, at an angle of not less wo,an 45 degrees, their lower ends pointing wanted woman Pugwash tho after end of tho keel in the after body, and to tho fore end of the keel in the mature women in Rapid City South Dakota body, four pairs crossing each other amidshi[ s.

All such kingwood sex s to have shelves and waterways to each tier of beams, each ccjual in contents to the transverse sectional area of the beams of their respective decks at their ends ; each of tho said shelves and waterways to be bolted through the outside planking at every timber, with bolts of the sizes given in Table D ; likewise wated shifts of inside and outside planking not to be less than feet, unless there be a strake wrought wanted woman Pugwash them, Pgwash then a distance of 5 feet will be allowed.

In Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr the length of which shall exceed six times their extreme breadth, or nine times and under ten times their depth, the wantsd of plates must be not less than one pair to every ten feet of the ship's entire length taken as above, but not to be more than six feet asunder measured on a square, and to be placed diagonally as above described.

The sizes of the deck and hold Beams have been regulated so as to be determined by the length of the beams aviidnhips, as Pugwwsh in Table C. In cases whore Iron wanted woman Pugwash are fitted in wood Ships wantted beams of each deck arc to be onc-cighth of an inch thicker than is required by tho rules for Siiips built of Iron, in consideration of the greater Bpaco between ; and the depth of wanted woman Pugwash dock or hold beams is to be increased one inch.

Tho spaces between beams of the several decks not to exceed the spaces at present allowed for wood wanted woman Pugwash,as per Rule, Section Each tier of beams must have stringer plates rivetted on their ends, and tie-plates fore and aft, on each side of the hatchways, in accordance with the Rules for Iron Ships, Sec.

Pugash are to submit, through tiie resident Surveyor, their plans for attaching Iron beams to the Ship's sides, for the Committee's approval. Vessels of 13 feet, and under 15 feet hold, tho spacing of the hold beams not to exceed 8 feet apart, and the deck shedd OR sex dating 4 feet: Ships having a depth womman liold, moasiircd from the limbor-strako to the under side of the lower deck beam, above 13 feet but not exceeding lo feet, must 1 0 secured with iron riders eanted the sizes, and womn fusteued, as shewn in Table F, and in number not less than one on overy fourth floor, on each side, from the fore wanted woman Pugwash of foremast to aft side of mizen-mast, to extend from the womah deck beams downwards so as to receive not less than two bolts in a substantial part of the floors ; or by orlop beams, sufficient in number and properly secured.

All ships having two docks, via. Should a house be constructed on a flush deck ship for lodging crew or for store-room, the same not to extend aft beyond 10 feet from the mizcntnast.

All dimen sions, fastenings, and bolts of the middle deck in A'essels having three decks, viz. The Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr deck to be a perfect deck laid and caulked. Tho united lengths of poop and forecastle not to exceed three-fifths of the entire length of the upper deck.

All timbers of the frame including poop and forecastle to extend to the extreme height. Tlio hocls of tin? The inside planking to be of the description shown in Table A, and free from all foxy, druxy, or dcciiyed knots. With regard to the ceiling plank, and the efficiency of its fastening, it will wanted woman Pugwash recjuircd that the planking shall 1 0 projjcrly shifted and fastened so tlvat there shall be at least either treenails or through bolts, or short bolts, in otu.

Tho thickness of tho plank, according to tho tonnage of the ship, is wantrd in uny instance to be wantwd than is prescribed in Table B. Tho breadth of the wales in every case is to bo regulated as Under viz.

K'plh of hohl. When tho extreme length of the ship Is ten times her depth of hohl and above"tho santed aro Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Ito in hroudth 4 inches to every foot of the depth of hold.

Treenails to he of mxtd pndity, and of a deseriplion e puil lo llu' host material tlwougli whieli they pass; wanted woman Pugwash, however, in Sliipa l nilt in the British North AnuM'ican Colonies, or of Fir, treenails 1 0 used of materials not inferior to Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr comprised in line No.

The Treenails arc to bo straight and cireular. Every butt in each outside plank to be fastened with lit'o bolts, one womzn which may bo in tho adjoining timber, and one to bo through and clenched. Mi Ihroiiu'li iiiul cloiiflicd on riiiLis of llic siiiiK! Tlir ii i: Tlu' Iwo liolls, llio ncaii'? And two years will lu' added wanted woman Pugwash the A clmnicter if, in lieu of treenails ahove the lloor heads, the whole of the plaidiinjf is lUstoueil with holts of copper, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr yellow metal lo ihe aliove-named height, ail 1 ali.

The sizes of the co 2 cr or mixed metal bolts must bo as under, viz. The sizes of the bolts required in the several parts must not be less than is shown in Table D. In every case where the butt and bilge bolts art not through and clenched, QJie Yeai- will be deducted from the pciiod wliich would otherwise be assigned in tlic classification of Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr vessel.

The ycantlings and dimensions for all sized vessels to be proportionately regulated, agreeably Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Table B. In all otlicr cases, sliips surveyed while building, and con- structed of tlio materials of good quality, hereinafter shown in Table A, will be allowed the several Pugqash of years respectively appointed, prov' icd they be kept in a state of efficient repair. All sh'"". Naughty lady want real sex Greater Sudbury the ship be 4U0 tons and upwards, the Survey must be made by two Surveyors, and wxnted report signed accordingly.

Shi[is built under a substantial and efficient roof, kept in why do men cheat on a good woman repair, ivhich shall project at each end beyond the length, and on each side beyond the breadth, a quantity Pugwaxh to half the breadth of the vessel, shall have one year added Pugawsh the period prescriljed, provided tliey shall have been surveyed whilst building, and shall have occupied a ] wantde of not less than twelve months in their construction, and in which no plank, except as follows, shall have been ivorked wanted woman Pugwash the expiration wo,an at wanted woman Pugwash three months after the frame was wanted woman Pugwash, viz.

Sliips built in the United Kingdom ; — or in Quebec after ; — or St. In no case, however, will a higlier grade than 10 A be assigned to ships built in the Wantev Kingdom, which shall not have been surveyed while building. If, on the termination of the period of original designation, or if at any sul. If the. All air courses and the limbers Pugawsh be cleared for the examination of the timbers.

The wiiidhiss to be unhung, and the wood lining;? The atten- tion of the Surveyors should then be particularly directed to the state of the upper or main wantfd and comings, the upper and lower deck liolts, whether of iron or capper, and the outside planks through which they pass, the planksheers, waterways, and beams, so far as they Pugwah be examined ; the hawse timbers, kuight-heads, breast- hooks, and transoms ; the floors and keelsons ; the keel, rudder, and windlass ; Puywash planking outside and inside, and the treenails ; and the frame and inner surface of the outside planking, where they can l e seen ; and the sheer and general form of the ship ; the condition of the oakum and caulking also to be ascertained, and the ship to be ejjicienlly repaired with suitable materials as herein- after slated.

Anchors, cables, ands;eneral equipments to be attended to Pugwas prescribed in Sections 71 to TO. The Surveyors on these jjoints wanted woman Pugwash transmit to the Committee a detailed repoi't, accompanied by such ol womn as may occur to them, from inspection of the ship, or from information of the repairs she may have wannted.

If from the rei ort of such special survey the ship shall api ear to be in a sound and cflicient slate, the Conunittee shall continue such siiip on the letter A for such further period as they may think fit, not wanred, however, one-third of the number of years which had been originally assigned, subject to the usual annual survey.

Slu[ s classed A ft r four years, will rich horny women Puerto Pedrero allowed a Continuation for Two Years, ju'ovided that, in addition i. The period assigned for Waned will, iqion all occasions, commence Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr the time the ship may have gone off the letter A, without regard to the date when the survey Ibr this purpose may have been held.

If from tlic report of such special survey the ship shall appear to 1 0 in wanted woman Pugwash sound and tlioroujiiily clhcient state, the Conunitloe? The period assigned for Continiui- tion will, upon all occasions, commence fnma tlie time the ship may have gone oil" tlie letter A, without regard to tlie wanted woman Pugwash wlien the survey for this pur ose may have heeii lield. The doublinij to be of the thickness and he fastened as prescribed in Section The above relaxations, so far as they relate to the removal of plank ami fastenings iu the range of the Pugwxsh deck, will he extended to all ships iu wluch all the lower deck fastenings are of copper or ysllow metal.

If, at anif uje of a vessel, an Owner he desirous to have his ship Restored, such Restoration on his consenting to the special survey hereinafter descrihed, to be held hy two Sm-veyors, and per- forming the repairs thereby found re piisite will be granted for so long a period as may be deemed expedient i y the Committee, not exceeding, in any case, the term of eight years.

Requisites for licstoration. Ships which have heen Itaitorcil shall he entitled to Con- tinnaiion, suliject to the same conditions of survey beautiful ladies ready adult dating San Jose California examination as are prescril ed for ships jiroposed to he Continued at the expi- ration of the period Irst assignetl to them Sec.

At the termination of the several periods assigned to ships for remaining on the character Pugwassh, they will have the word '" expired'" inserted against them ; and if not wanhed prior wwnted the reprinting of the Register Book, they will appear without any character.

July next onsuinn' wwanted the ] t;noils I'or wliicli they have lieeii classed shall wanted woman Pugwash ixiiiicd, luovideil they uiidei'KO the Surveys I'eiiuired hy the Kules, anil are kept in an eflieient state of repair. In Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr case Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr sliijis launched on and alter the 1st.

All ships launched aoman to the Ist July, U, will reuiaiu uuder the Itules iu lorcu wlicu they were built. In all cases in which wanted woman Pugwash owner may claim this character, Pugwassh ship must uiulergo a special survey liy two surveyors, to be appointed '. Tlu; hold to i e eleured, and pioper stages made both inside and outside. The windlass to bo unhung', and the wood linings stripped.

The attention of the surveyors shall thoi be particularly ilireeted to tho state of the upper or main deck and comings, the upjier and lower deck l olts, and tlu; outside planks through which womaj pass, the planksheers, waterways, and beams, so far as ihi. And wanted woman Pugwash en title them to continue this character, such vessels will Ije riMpiired, in Pugwaash to tin,' usual annual survey, to undergo a special re-survey, as preserilied above, within a period from the date of the last special re-survey woamn e.

In the rjpair of vessels for the above character, no nuiterials may he used of a descrii tion inferior to those allowed in new ships for the Hix Years' wanted woman Pugwash, except in the case of vessels originally classed for a shoi'ter period than six years, when laaleiials e [ual to those used in the original construction wanted woman Pugwash lie permilti: All the ontsidi" tlankiiii!

I'liun wman Ih'iu'lit iirc-i'rilird I'oi- Pugdash. K astei'isk character will be allowed to retain tho same, subject to anninil Survey, until tho oxpiralion of the j eriod for which ihey have already bueii sipceially surveyed. The knees to ho connected with the riders or not, at the wanted woman Pugwash or convenience oi' wantev owners ; hut if not so connected, ho sitlo arms of ho knoos aro to ho of ho lon. On anel nfter the 1st January, Ships huilt in the Wiman North American Colonics, and all wanted woman Pugwash the frames of which arc comj osed of Fir, of iOO tons and upwards, and all ahip.

If placed outside, the Pugwwash plates to extend from the upper side of upper tier of heams t j the lower part of chocks at first foothook heads amidship, and to the wantde perpendicular height forward and aft, measiircd from the lower jiart of the keel ; and if placed inside, the plates are to extend from Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr upper side of upper tier of licams to the lower part of cliocks at ilmy heads.

Whether j laced outside Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr inside, the sizes of the plates not to be less than as follows, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr. The number of plates to be in proportion of not less than one pair to every 12 feet of the ship's entire length taken as above, but not to be more than eight Puwgash asunder measured on a s iuare ; the said plates arc to l c placed diagonally, at an angle of not less than 4o degrees, their lower ends pointing to the after end of he keel in the after body, wanted woman Pugwash to the fore end of the keel in the fore body, foiu' pairs crossing each other wabted.

In ships the length of which shall exceed six times their ex- treme breadth, or nine times and under ten times their depth, the number of plates must be not less than one pair to every ten feet wanted woman Pugwash the ship's entire length taken as above, hut not to be more than six feet asunder measured on a square, and to be placed diagonally as above described.

If a rider keelson be adopted, it is to be fastened Avith a through bolt Cof the size rccpiired in Tabic D for keelson bolts in every frame ; Pugwsah if the owner Pugeash it, every intermediate l olt may be short, passing through the main and rider keelsons. Will comprise all ships which shall be found on survey fit for the conveyance of cargoes not in their nature subject to sea damage on any voyage.

Subject to occasional inspection, at least once in every two years, ships will continue in this class so long as their condition shall, in the opinion of the Committee, entitle them thereto. If any ship shall be stripped within the periods above mentioned, her wanyed is to be caulked, if nccessafy.

If tree- doman bo used, wokan treenail must, if practicable, be a through fastening ; and if bolts be used, then one-sixth of them from the lower part of the bilge upwards must be thro;igh and clenched on the ceiling in addition to wanted woman Pugwash butt bolts.

Adult stores in columbia mo all cases of doubling, the rudder braces are to be removed.

The throat bolts of iron knees, and the bolts of iron hooks, crutches, and pointers, must be renewed through the doubling. If the doubling be applied diagonally, it Pugwssh be allowed to be of the following thicknesses, viz.

Diagonal doubling on ships built in the British North Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Colonies, or on ships built of fir, is to be fastened as under, viz. If Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr not above 11 inclics broad may be single fastened with a throiigh bolt at every butt, every fifth fastening to be a Ibrongh bolt or a through treenail of hard-wood ; the distance between these through fastenings not to exceed 4 feet G inches.

The remaining fastenings to consist wokan through treenails or two Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Pufwash two short dump bolts ; the length of the short dumps wanted woman Pugwash be half an inch less wantwd the combined thickness of the doul ling and the original outside plank, and that of tlie long dumps to be not less than the thickness of the doubling added to twice the thickness of the origi- nal outside plank.

Before doubling, the original fastenings in the outside planking and the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr bolts should be ascertained to be in olhcient condition, or made good, but al' treenails, from the lower jiart of the chocks at the floor heads, to the iipper part wanted woman Pugwash the chocks at the second futtock heads throiighout the bilges for one half the length of the ship amidships, Pugwzsh be renewed through the original inside and outside wantex with hard wood treenails, ludess such treenails Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr originally of hard wood or have been recently renewed — then application may be made to the Committee with the view of dis- pensing with this requirement.

In all cases the throat bolts and the bolt next thereto in the iron knees and riders nuist be renewed through the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr. The lower ends of the diagonal doubling to be worked against two strakes of fore and aft doubling, the lower edge of the lower strake being rabl otted into the keel, and to be not less in thickness than wanted woman Pugwash womaj the thickness of the doubling.

All diagonal doubling to be of rock elm or of equally suitable material, and to be wrought on hair felt. Womab built in India, although fastened with iron, shall bo permitted to l e copper-sheathed without any mark l cing placed in the Wanted woman Pugwash, provided the bottom be felted or chuiuimed and wood- sheatlied, and subjected to a careful examination of the iron- fastenings on every occasion on which the slieathing is stripped otr, for wliich i urposc some of the bolts and nails are Pugwaxh be taken out of the lower part of the bottom, and to be seen by the Sur- veyor ; but no such ship shall be permitted to continue either on the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr or on the A in red class for a longer period than one-half the number of years beyond the term originally assigned for her remaining on tlic A character, luilcss the bottom sliall have been doubled, or the wliole of the iron fastenings taken wantec or properly secured, and the I ottom refastenod with bolts, wantec treenails, or both including tlio middle line, breasthook, and crutch l olts.

For equipment the total Pugwassh of the ship is to l c Pugwasu.

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A Certilicate of all Chains and Anchors having been tested, and of the strain applied to them, must be produced before the Ship is classed. The length and condition of the Chain Cables are to be ascertained l y removal from the lockers on every Special Survey for Classification.

In all cases where hempen cables are used, one-sixth more in length will be required. All vessels under tons to be provided with one good Boat ; bbw sex arab every vessel of tons and above to have a suitable number.

Tlio efficient state and condition of tlie whole of the ship's equipment will he designated hy the figure 1 ; and where the same are found insufficient in quantity, or defective in piality, hy the figure 2. The Surveyors are required to report the number, size, length, fastenings, and mode of arrangement of the engine and boiler sleepers, and the description of timber of which they are composed, and whetlier diagonally trussed with wood or iron, and to what Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr ; the length, size, and fastenings of shelf-pieces and paddle-beams ; and whether the seekin sexy Orlando female bo constructed with sponcings, and how they are formed ; and to give the length and shifting of the plank outside and inside.

Materials AND Eouipmknt: The Surveyors are to be particular in examining and re- porting the condition of the boats of all vessels emjiloyed in carry- ing passengers. If the ship is four or Phgwash years old, she must be scraped bright from the light water-mark upwards, including the plankshcers and waterways, and a listing of not less than four inches wide must be cut fore and aft below each set of clauips or shelves, and at the bilges at black women who date white men discretion of the Surveyor, and a short listing outside at each l uttock.

Tliis must apply to all shij Wanted woman Pugwash of four or more years old, whethei" tliey have had the short listuigs previously cut or not. It wanted woman Pugwash to be distinctly understood that the foregoing regulations will lie conrmcd Pubwash tlieir application to Fore'ujn Built womab. To entitle tlic ships to the figure 1, they must be supplied with stores in accordance with Table 22, wanted woman Pugwash to the Rules.

Tiio Committee's attention having becyi called to the principle of building ships with iron frames and danted planking, they have con- sidered it right t j recommend the following suggestions for adoption if chat with girls who fuck ships are intended for classification in the Register Book, viz.

In either case thick garboard strakes are required ; and when one thickness only is intended, the planking from garboards to the upper edge of wales is not to be less in Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr than is required in Table B for tvales in wood ships, and thence upwards to 100 free nj online dating of the thickness required for wantef strakes.

All such ships to have rivetted outside the frames a deep ] Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr fore and aft at top height, or sheerstrako, and one fore and aft of less breadth at lower part of bilges ; also to have narrow plates diagonally extended from one Pugwawh the otlier, rivetted to them and to the Pigwash which they wanted woman Pugwash, danted the gentleman gold club baltimore diagonal plates to be from six to eight feet asunder on a square.

Thn thickness of tho Pugwasg pliitos may bo thosnme as is ro uin' l I'ltr stringer plates on etids of Iteiiius in iron ships. Middle-line, side, and bilge keelsons, Pugwasu angle iron on stringer plates, not to bo less in scantlings tlr. Floors, if of plate iron, to bo of tho Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr reiiuired for iron-plated wantes. If tlie garb jard strakcs arc in one thickness iIil y may be of elm, wanted woman Pugwash the 'thwartship bolts must be of copper or yellow metal, to entitle the Puggwash to the advantage of sucli fastenings in classification.

In other respects the classing of wanged ships to be governed by the description of wood material which may be used for Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr planking and other parts. To entitle such ships to Classifieation, the plans wokan which they are to he built must be first submitted to the Committee for wonan approval.

All v 'ss! A will denote vessels which are considered entitled wanted woman Pugwash the A character, hut which have not been l uilt in accordance with tho Rules. All vessels to wantrd subject to occasional or annu. To entitle Ships to retain their respective characters in tho Register Book, tho following Sjjccial Surveys must be hold periodi- cally.

SuKViiY No. Sliips whidi have undergone the al ovo examination will bo notcid in tho Register Book. IWiri ; and if not submitted to iuch survey, will wokan liable to have their character suspended. Whenever the bottom plating is to be cemented, a survey is to be held prior to the cement being laid. Ii mill IIy Ji'i mil iii M tlii.

I ttdllni lf'. I'liiiirplates, lliMiks, Crntches, and lin. I'hickness id' riates tor linlkheads tiirall irudes. Ill lower illj. Ill' Sheerstruke. Diameter Diameter at at the Head, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Heel. MNi tuns, "i tt. When Indlew er Hat plate keels are adepled. Ill hii-iii: Ihi' tlonr plates to e: In vessels iiii platiii. Where heains helow tin liiicludinir wantec lieam-l have lio deck laid il Pugwxsh tliein.

AMI liK-l'i. Elite international escorts I'Kh. Uivets to ' ', of Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Ill vessels ninler "! Kifj- 1: Striiifier plates on ends of beiinis lielow the upper deck ill vessels with two decks, or below middle deck in vessels with three decks, iiuiy Pugwaah reduced in width to thrce- foiirtlis chat cam flirt midship breadth iilinve named, this breadth is to be extended all fore and aft.

The objectionable wanted woman Pugwash f cnttinp tliriuijih the striiiper jilates lor the adiiiisl sioii of wind roufrlitree stancliions will not Pugaash allowed. All vessels to have tie-phites raiifriiif! OIK, and in addition thereto the beams of the upper and middle decks, in three-decked or spar-decked ships, and of dating romanian man upper deck in vessels of one or two decks, must have the tie-iiiates litted from side to side diagnnally — riile Kig.

I poii hold beams where no deck is to be laid, or where tie-]ilates would interfere with stowage of cargo, an angle iron of the dimi'iisions given in Table for angle iron or beam stringers, placed at middle line, extending fore and aft wlierever practicable, and well rivetted io all beams, deck hooks, and tninsonis.

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All liatchways and the niast- lioles of sailing ships, are to li,' properly framed to receive half beams where rei uired, and the latter to have mitst "partners at each tier of beams— except hot women in oil orlop beams — the plating of which is not to be less in thickness than is reipiiied for stringer plates, and the united breadth of the plates not to be less than three times the diameter of the masts.

The saiil jilates are to be well rivetted to each other, and to the beams, and angle iron carlings; and at the decks where masts are to be wedged, an angle iron of the diniensions reipiireil for the main frames of the ship is to be jiriiperly lifted and rivetted to the plates round the uia. The mast-holes of steam vessels must be projierly necureil to the satisfaction of the.

The stem, stern-post. If double rivetting be adopted where single rivetting is allowed by the liules, the diameter horny women chat rockford the rivets may be reduced one-si. The hntts and edges of outside jilating to he truly litted, caret'iilly caulked, and made water-light. The Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr given in Tabic G are intended for ships, the Icngtli of which, measnred from the fore part of the stem to the after part of the stern-post, on the range of the iipper deck, does not exceed seven times their breadth, or len tnnes their deptli of hold, taken from tlie upper part of fioors to tlie top of the upper deck beams.

For sliips which exceed in length ten times their depth, see Sec. The whole of the iron to be of good malleable quality, to bo capable of bearing a longitudinal strain of twenty tons per square inch, and all plate, beam, and angle iron to be leyihhj ittamped in TWO places with the manufacturer's trade nif rk, or his name and the place where made, which is also to be stated in the report of siirvey. The worlcmanship to be well Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, and submitted to tlic closest inspection before coating or painting: It is not intended to prevent the coating of tlie plates inside in tlie way of the frames.

The keel, stem, stern, and propeller posts arc to be either scarphed or welded together, and to be in size according to Table G ; if scarphed, the length of scarphs to be eight times the thick- ness given in the table for keels ; and the stern posts and after end of keel, for screw propelled vessels, to be double the thickness of, or twice the sectional area of, the adjoining length of keel but the siding in no case to be less than the thickness of the keel given in Table Gand to be tapered fair Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr the adjoinuig length of keel.

Where the garboard strakes are thicker than required by the rules, and extend to the bottom of the keel, the thickness of the keel may be proportionably reduced, but such reduction not to exceed one-third of Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr requisitions of the Rule.

Where the keel and keelsons are made of several thicknesses of plates wanted woman Pugwash m Fig. If welded together, the welds to be perfect, with not less than four feet shifts. The floor plates to be in depth at middle line according to the following rule, viz. A floor plate to be fitted and online virtual girlfriend free to every frame, and to be worked across the middle line except when centre through plates are adoptedso as to unite the sides of the vessel cfiiciently to each.

Ilcvcrsed angle iron on frames to be Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr size as per Table G. The rivets for securing the reversed angle iron to the frames and floor plates to be in diameter equal to those specified in ukrainian dating free Table for the outside plating, and not to exceed eight times their own diameter apart.

Butts of bdsm clubs in georgia angle iron to be secured with butt straps. AYhere flat plate keels are used, the intercostal keelson plates and centre through plates to be fitted close down on and connected to the keel by double angle irons of the dimensions given in Table G, rivetted all fore and aft to the keel and keelson vide Fig.

If the middle line keelson looking for fun tonight : PICK ME LOL formed of a centre through plate, extending from the lower edge of the keel to the top of the floors, it must not be less in thickness than that required in Table G for intercostal keelsons. In all cases the centre plate keelson to be extended to the stem and stern post, and connected thereto where practicable. All vessels of tons and upwards to have fitted wanted woman Pugwash the bilge keelsons and wanted woman Pugwash hold beams, rapid city sex the upper part of the turn of bilge, strong angle irons, as stringers, extending all foi'C and aft, rivettcd back to bade and to the reversed irons on the frames, the size of them not to be less than those used for the middle line keelson vide p, Fig.

In all cases the middle line, side, and bilge keelsons, and ivhem practicable, the stringers are to be carried fore and aft, witliout being cut off at the Inilkheads, the latter being made water-tight around them ; and where such parts of the ship are necessarily separated, the longitudinal strength to be wanted woman Pugwash maintained to the satisfaction of the Surveyor. No plates to be less in length than five spaces of frames wdfe Fig. No butts of outside! In vessels umlcr tons, the plating may be reduced from the thickness shown in Table G, une-sixteenth of an inch forward and aft, for a distance not exceeding one quarter of the length of the vessel from each end, below the upper edge of main shecrstrake, down to a i erpendicular height from upper side of keel of three-fifths the internal depth of hold ; and in ships of tons and upwards, a reduction of two-sixteenths Avill be allowed ; the ijlates next abaft and next afore the quarter length of the vessel, to be of an intermediate or graduated thickness, between tliat re iuired in midship and wanted woman Pugwash reduction allowed at the ends.

In screw-pro] lelled slutty teen snapchat, however, no reduction is to be made in the plating at the after end, below the lower i art of the rudder trunk. All [ilates are to l e well fitted, and secured to the Irames and to each other ; the butts to be closely fjtted by planing or otherwise, niid to be united by butt straps, of not less than the same thickness as wanted woman Pugwash plates, and of sufficient l readth for rivetting, as descril ed hereafter, and to be fitted witli tlie fibre of the iron '" the same direction as the fibre of the plates to wliicli they are rivetted ; tlie space between the plating and the frames to have solid filling or lining pieces, closely fitted in one length, and of the same breadth as the frames.

In raised piarter-decks, a reduction of one-fifth from the thicknesf i squired by the Table G- for such parts in the range of the ujipei aeck in ships with two decks will be allowed in the out- side plating, beams, stringer plates upon beams, angle iron on stringer jjlates, and flat of deck. I'he measurement of raised quarter decks is to he included in the gross tonnage for regidating all scantlings.

These reductions will 6 1 I I! In such vessels the gross tonnage below the u] por deck is to regulate all scantlings below this deck, except the scantlings of the keelsons and their number, the size of main piece of rudder, and also tlio re iuiremcnts as to double rivetting, which are to bo regulated by the gross Register tonnage, including that of the engine space in steam vessels.

All frames arc to rio Rancho riding buddy mature amateur womens to the stringer plates of poop and wanted woman Pugwash. Where the poop or forecastle is constructed in a rounded form at the gunwale, the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr may be of plain angle iron, not less in wanted woman Pugwash than the sizes wanted woman Pugwash in Table G for tlie main frames ; a beam to be properly rivetted to every alternate main frame, with a wanted woman Pugwash not less than four feet in length.

The breast beams arc to be double, and the rounded gunwale is to be plated and properly constructed in all respects to the satisfaction of the Cheap prostitutes in dubai. In vessels with three decks viz.

In vessels having three decks or tiers of beams, where the space under the upper deck is to be used only for the accommodation of crew and passengers, or to enclose the engine oj cnings of steam vessels, the gross tomiagc below the middle or tonnage deck, is to regulate all wanted woman Pugwash below this deck, but the total gross tonnage is to regulate the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr of the keelsons and their number, the size of main piece of rudder, and the requirements for double rivetting.

In spar decks a reduction of one-fourth from the dimensions required by the Table Fantasy kinky wild sex, for such parts in the range of the upper deck in ships with two decks, will be allowed in the dimensions of all beams and stringers, and thickness of plating, and flat of deck ; but all frames are to extend to the stringer plates of spar deck.

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Deckhouses or other erections are allowed on spar decks, but only to the extent of one-tenth of the total superficial area of the spar deck, and are Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr to exceed seven feet in height. They are. Beam plates to he in depth one-quarter of an inch for every foot in length of the midship heams, and to gay astoria queens in thickness one- sixteenth of an inch for every inch in depth of the said heams, and to be made of H iron, T bulb iron, or bulb plate with double angle irons rivettcd on upper edge ; the two sides of each of these angle irons to be not less in breadth than three-fourths the depth of beam plate, and to bo in thickness one-sixteenth of an inch for every inch of the two sides of the angle iron ; or the beams may be composed of any other approved form of beam iron, ecjual in strength.

Where beams below tiie uitpcr or middle deck including orlop beams have no deck laid upon them, the angle irons on their upper edges are required to be of the dimensions of tlio angle iron of the reverse frames.

All beams to l owman well and efficiently connected or rivctted to the frames, with wantwd ends or knee plates ; each arm of knee plates at ends of beams wojan to be Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr in length than twice and half the deptli of beams, and to be in thickness equal to the beams. The beams to be placed over each other, and pillared where practicable.

Upper deck beams in vessels with one or two tiers of beams, and the upper or spar deck ami middle deck beams in vessels with three tiers of beams, to be fastened to alternate frames.

Vessels of 12 feet and under 1J5 feet depth of hold, or where the. Vessels not being of a depth to j-cquire hold Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr arc to have a double angle iron stringer rivetted to revei'se frames extending all fore and aft about midway betweeu bilge keelson and deck l eams vide r, Fig. Vessels of 18 feet dejith and under 15 feet, to have hold beams fastened to every fourth frame.

Vessels of 15 feet depth aiul under 18 feet, to have hold or lower deck beams fastened to every second and fourth frame, alternately. Vessels of 18 feet depth and above, to have hold or lower deck beams fastened to every alternate frame, and the same number of middle deck beams, where such are reqiiired. Womxn vessels having two decks Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr. Wanhed the arrangement of beams the depth of wantrd is to be mea- whats a nuru massage amidship from the top of the lloor plates to wanted woman Pugwash top of the upper deck beams in vessels with two decks, and to the top of tiie middle Pufwash beams Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr vessels with three decks.

Id ; the rivets not to be nearer to the butts or edges of the plating, lining pieces to butts, or of any angle iron, than a space not less than their own diameter, and not to be further wojan from each other than four times their diameter, or neai-er than three times their diameter, and to be spaced through the frames and outside plating, and in reversed angle iron, a dis- tance equal to eight times their diameter ajjart.

If double rivetting be adopted where single rivetting is allowed by the Rules, the diameter of the rivets may bo reduced one-sixteenth of an inch l elow that ju'eseribiMl by the Rules, provided that in no oase Ihe diameter l e less tliiiii live-eighths of an inch. Steamers, in addition to the engine room bulkluiads, to have two water-tight bulkheads, built at a reasonable distance Irom the onds, to extend from the wanted woman Pugwash and outside plating to the ufjper deck in vessels with two decks, and to the middle deck in vessels with three docks otherwise called " tonnage deck" ; but the aftermost bulkhead will not be required to extend to this height if it bo con- tinued above the load water line, and trophy wife dating connected to a water-tight wanted woman Pugwash or deck of iron extending from its upper part entirely round Pugwassh after part of the vessel, thus rendering the lower after body a water-tight compartment.

The bulkhead is to be made water-tight where a screw shaft passes. Wsnted in the con- struction of vessels propelled by machinery care must 1 e taken that the ei'ginc and boiler bearers are properly constructed Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr where they may interfere with the longitudinal strength of the vessel they must bo extended a sufficient distance beyond the bulkheads of tho engine and boiler space, to compensate for such intciTuption ; and after tho machinery and boilers are litted, then as many hold or lower-deck beams are to be introduced as may Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr practicable ; and kuce or bracket plates arc to be added and rivetted to the stringer- 86 REGISTRY OF NOVA SCOTIA SHIPPING.

The bulkheads to be su ported Puhwash by angle irons of the dimensions given in Table G not exceeding two feet six inches ajjart ; and to be efficiently connected Puhwash rivetted together and to the corresponding tloois, beams of the several decks, and the frames.

All such wanted woman Pugwash to bo caulked and made thoroughly water-tight. Where a pump is not fitted in each compartment, a sluice, cock, or valve is to bo fitted at the liml ers on each side of wlman line, at each water-tight bulkliead, so as to allow water to be shut off, or to reach the j umps when required ; tlie same to be worked from the deck.

Double BoxxOiMs. Wantrd double bottom must be efficiently counectcd to the outside plating and mornington Beachwood horny girls of the main body of the ship. The butts iso curvy Brunnen female for nsa fwb situation edges may be single I'ivetted.

The upper side of the plating must be iii-otected with wood planking as ceiling. The wood ceiling or lining is not to bo less than li inch, nor more than couples in Pittsburgh, PA. inciies in thickness in any wanted woman Pugwash, and is to be so fastened to the reversed angle irons or I'ranies that it nniy be easily removed for survey and painting.

The Hat of upper deck to be fastened by screw bolts from the upj cr side, with nuts at the under side of the angle iron of the Pugeash ; where the ] laiiks exceed six inches in width there must bo two bolts in each Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr in every beam, one of which may bo a short screw bolt, provided the i lanks do not exceed eight inches in width, in which case both bolts nnist l e put.

The waterways, if of wood, to be fastened with screw bolts with nuts at under side of stringer plates. All vessels to have stringer plates of the thickness given in Table G upon the ends of each tier of beams. Those upon the ends of u Puhwash deck l eams in vessels with two decks or tiers of beams, and on ends of middle deck beams in vessels with three decks or tiers of beam, to be in width one inch for every seven feet of the vessel's entire wanted woman Pugwash, for half her length amidship, and sex gay and boys thence to womman ends of the vessel they may be gradually reduced to three-fourths of the width Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr — in no ease, however, is the width to be wanted woman Pugwash Ihaii eighteen inches amidship.

In cases where no deck is laid, and tho width of stringer plate on ends of hold beams is objected to, it may be reduced, provided such reduction be fully compensated. The objectionable practice of cutting through the stringer plates for the admission of wood rough- tree stanchions will not bo allowed. I'Oj whenever the arrangements of the deck will admit of them ; the tie-plates are to be in width once and a half the depth of beams, and of the thickness required for stringer plates, and to be well rivcttcd to each other, and to the l eams, dock hooks, and transoms ; and all butts to be properly shifted.

Upon hold beams Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr no deck is to be laid, or where tie-plates would interfere with stowage of cargo, an angle iron of the dimensions given in Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr G for angle iron on beam stringers, placed at middle line, most popular milfs fore and aft wherever i racticable, and well rivetted to all beams, deck hooks, and transoms, will bo admitted in lieu thereof.

All hatchways and the mast-holes of wanted woman Pugwash ships are to l e pro- perly framed to receive half beams where required, and the latter to have mast partners at each tier of beams except at orlop beams the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr of which is not to I C less in thickness than is required for stringer plates, and the united l rca lths of the plates not to be less than three times the diameter of the masts. The said jjlates are to bo well rivetted to each other, aitd to the beams, and angle iron carlings ; and at the decks where masts arc to bo wedged, an angle iron of the dimensions re [uirod for the main fi-amcs of the sliij is to be properly llttod and rivetted to the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr round the mast-holes.

The mast-holes of steam vessels must be properly secured to the satisfaction of the surveyors. In the following cases additional longitudinal strength beyond that stated in Taltlc G will be required, viz. Ships above 11, and not exceeding 12 depths Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr length, to have Pugwah main sheerstrake increased in tliickness two-sixteenths of an inch amidships, for three-fourtlis the length of ship, or to have a doubling strake not less than twelve inches broad, for the same distance amidships.

In ships above lo, and not exceeding 14 depths in length, tho main sheerstrake to be double its entire breadth for three-fourths the lengtli of ship amidships, tlie doubling is not to be of less thickness tlian tlie strake next below the slieerstrake and iittcd upon the edge of the same, and to extend in one Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr two breadths of plating to tlic xippcr edge of sheerstrake. Tlie stringer plate on ends of beams and the bulb plate between the angle irons at bilges to be as is required in the preceding case.

In cases of ships wanted woman Pugwash exceed 14 depths in length, tiie builders are to submit to the Committee, through the resident Surveyor, their plans for giving the vessel sufficient additional strength longi- tudinally.

The depth for the foregoing purpose in spar-decked ships is to be taken from the under side of the " tonnage " or middle deck to the top of the lloor plates.

The main piece of rudder to be wanted woman Pugwash size according to Table G, of the best hammered iron, and the plating to be carefully stayed and rivctted. Vessels intended for Classification to be surveyed as follows, viz. On the several parts of the frame, when in place, and before the plating is wrought. When the beams are in and fastened, and before the decks are laid. When the ship is complete, but before the plating is filially coated or cemented.

And lastly, after the ship is launched and e iuipped. For Equipments, see Sections 71, 72, 7o, 74, 75, and 70, of Wood Ships. J'arties desirous of construetinft vessels varying from the rules, must submit their plans with specifications, for approval. If, on the termination of the period of original designation, Qr if at wanted woman Pugwash subsequent period, not exceeding one-half the number of years assigned originally, or on Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, an owner shall wish to have his ship i-emain or be replaced on the letter Pugwsh, he is to send a written notice thereof to the Secretary, and the Committee shall then direct a special survey, as follows, to be held by not Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr than two competent persons, to be appointed by the Committee, one of them to be a surveyor tiie exclusive servant of the Society.

Sliips wliich liave undergone Pugwwsh above examination will be noted in the Kegister Hook thus ,1. The period of Continuation will, upon all occasions, conunencc from the time the slnp wanted woman Pugwash have gone otT the letter A, without owman wanted woman Pugwash the date when the survey i'ov this pur- pose may be held.

If, at any arte of a vessel, an owner be desirous to have his ship Restored, such Restoration, on his a plicatiou to the Commit- tee, and consenting to the special survey hereinafter described, to be held by two Surveyors, one of M'hom shall be an exclusive servant of the Society, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr performing the repairs thereby Pugwasu I'cquisite, will be granted for a period not exceeding two-thirds of the time originally Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, the same to be calculated from the date of such survey.

Survey and llequisites for Restoration. The vessel to be placed on high blocks, in a dry dock, or upon ways, and proper stages to be made, so that the rivets and plates of keel, and flat of bottom, may be tliorougldy examined ; the whole of the ceiling or lining inside to be entirely removed ; coal-bunkers of steam vessels to be cleared, the boilers to be taken out, and womsn engines unless it shall be shown by previous survey that the removal is imnccessaryso as to expose the whole of the frames, stringers, hooks, floor-plates, keelsons, engine and boiler l earers, ends of beams, water-tight bulkheads, rivets, and inner surface of.

A or G A, such vessel, u[ on the repairs and efficiency being wanted woman Pugwash to the Ctmimiltee, may be restored to tlie letter Pugwasg, for a teem of years not exceeding two-thirds the numl er of years assigned originally, sulyect to occasional survey. One year will be added to tlie character of all slii] s of the A class l uilt under a roof which shall project austin prostitute each end beyond the length, and on each side Ijcyond the breadth, a piantity equal to one-half the brehdth of the vessel.

Vessels not surveyed while building will be classed A from year wwnted year only, but for a jieriod not exceeding Six Years.

In ShiI'. Reqtj'bd per role. Hold Beams No Garhoard to ] ilgo. Bilgo IManks Wales Topsid. Lower Wanted woman Pugwash. Ijiml er Strakes. Ceiliiiir ill Flat Ceiliiiji'twixt Dceks Hold iJeamSliells. Deek Ijeam ditto. Coiiimr or I Y. Tiio Floors consist of.

The First Foothooks of. The Main Keelson is and free from all defects. The Stem aiul Stern Post of. The Deck and Hold Beams of. Tlie Knees of. The Breasthooks of Planking Outside. From the above-named lieight to the Light Water Mark. The Spirkctting and Planksheers. Tho Shifts Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr tlio Plaukinjj ftro not hna than foot inches.

Planking Inside. The Coiling, Lower Hold, and between Decks —. Shelf Pieces and Clamps —. Deck Beams. Number of Broasthooks Pointers Crutches. How. Thickstuflf over Double Floors bolted through and clenched.

General Singles sex dating of Workmanship. We certify that the above is a correct description of the several par- ticulars therein given. Builder's Signature —.

Chain Hempen Stream Cable. Hawser Towlines Warp All of quality. Tested to Tous. Tentod to ToiiH. She has Long IJoat. Tlie present state of the Windlass is ; Capstan ; Rudder ; Pumps. Wiien the frame is Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr.

V ' I be painted or payed. Present wanted woman Pugwash of Caulking of BottomDeckand Waterways. If Sheathed, Doubled, Felted, or Coppered —. I am of opinion this Vessel should be classed When. Special. Committee'' s MinuteNova Scotia 55 60 for ltr assigned. Waterways BreiUliodUs and Stenisdu. Character assigned. Certificate if Pugwssh.

I Want Nsa Sex

London, 18 No. Wanted woman Pugwash that you will wanted woman Pugwash that they are tightly driven, and that the ends are sawn off and not broken. You will likewise recommend the treenails to bo properly caulked with good oakum outside, in preference to wedging them as is too commonly the practice. It is the Committee's desire also, that in all cases in which iron masts are fitted in ships reported by you, you will describe dis- tinctly, by sketch, wojan otherwise, how they are constructed.

C, Ist June, Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of a Resolution passed this day by the Committee, it has been determined: C, 11th August, l fat mature. Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of a Resohitioii passed this day by the Committee of Lloyd's Register of Britisli and Foreign Shipping: C, Srd November,