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Project Map. Following 0. Hackney Swingers Club.

In I assembled a team of friends and ex-colleagues and our entry won an open competition to present a temporary art installation. We decided to make every aspect of it ambiguous and provocative, using a lot of innuendo in our proposal.

This almost backfired because the festival swingsrs were initially against our swingers club east london, assuming that we were a genuine swingers club! Our press release: Swinging is a mysterious pastime, regarded suspiciously by many outsiders, but the rhythmic motions and near acrobatic thrills bring joy to all taking.

Meeting through their work at Jason Bruges Studio and The Workerstheir shared interest in human interaction, audience participation, technology and just having outright fun have taken them as far afield cub Los Angeles and Belgrade. Although it looks simple, there was a lot swingers club east london hidden technology in the installation.

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Our light boxes were linked to the swing motion, pulsing them in time to further animate the space. We continued to develop and refine the software during the swingers club east london, by the end we were able to sample sounds that were then driven by the swing motion.

Some of the noises that the visitors recorded were quite rude, others less so. If you'd like to book a Hackney Swingers Club session at your festival, please get in touch.